In Girona’s historic centre, a small space tucked away from traffic noise, filled with sound of cathedral bells, serves as home and workshop. The making of violins, violas and celli is more than a profession, it is for a me a way of life and a passion for a long standing craft. Therefore, my workshop being within the old city, overlooking the river is for me of utmost importance to achieve the atmosphere favorable to focus in a craft based on permanent selfimprovement and the search for a very precise result. 

makinf of


My new making is inspired on italian models of the XVII and XVIII century. This is for me the most authentic side of lutherie, because it allows me a very close dialogue with the musician during the long process, from material selection to models and finishes, going through aesthetic choices, varnish, setup and acoustic results of every commision. This way, the possibilities of finishing a project successfully and full satisfaction of each customer are guaranteed. The long lasting relationship between musician and luthier also becomes garanty of after sales service and proper maintenance.



Even though I am focused on the new making of antiqued copies of the great masters of the sXVII and sXVIII century, I am also familiarized with fully baroque instrument building, something I have had the chance to learn in my periods working in London and Cremona. It was in this city, under Mathijs A. Heyligers, that I especialized in the restoration and conversion to baroque of historical instruments.


of string instruments

Making and restoration of string instruments, both new and historical, includes the setup as a very important aspect of the final result. It is not only making them look old or new, it is also to make them sound as such, giving answer to the needs of the most demanding musicians. This must be possible without betraying the artistic spirit of each moment and without losing the acoustic personality of its creator, therefore it is necessary to understand the period and the particular instrument. For this reason I also perform setup work, sound adjustments, bassbar replacements… on instruments of all periods, with the firm purpose of optimizing the output to its maximum and make them respond with ease and clarity.

highest quality


Both making and restoration are carried out with the highest quality materials, carefully selected by very specialized tonewood dealers and with a long seasoning period, to guarantee stability and long lasting results, as well as excellent accoustic qualities. Spruce from the Dolomites in Italy and Alto adige in Tyrol) and Maple form the Italian Alps and Baviera, as well as ebony, boxwood and other hardwoods for tailpieces, fingerboards and pegs.